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Wait! Have you checked the online database? You may be able to get all the data you need in our Data section.

To request data, please complete the following form. Most results can be e-mailed or mailed within two to three weeks. Requests requiring custom programming will generally be fulfilled within three to four weeks. Note that requests related to HHS Program goals will receive higher priority. Occasionally, there may be a programming fee. An automated response e-mail from the data request system will be sent to the e-mail address you provide when your request has been successfully submitted. If necessary, you will be contacted about the details of your request.


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Donor Type

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Note: Be as specific as possible. Elaborate on the organ, time period, donor types and transplant types for which you are requesting data. UNOS members looking for center-specific data should indicate that information as well.

This is an example of a well-defined data request:       I am looking for current information about heart transplantation in UNOS Region 8. Please provide the number of patients currently waiting for a heart transplant by age group, the number of transplants performed last year, and the most recent median waiting times available.

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Star Dataset Request
STAR Dataset Request

Note: STAR (Standard Transplant Analysis and Research) files are CDs with datasets that contain patient-level information for transplant recipients and waiting list candidates and are provided on CD. Use of a STAR file requires knowledge of database software capable of manipulating files with thousands of records and hundreds of variables, such as SAS or SPSS. Please note that the size of the STAR files precludes the use of software such as Microsoft Excel and Access.
  1. Make sure that the "Your Information" section above is complete.
  2. Indicate the datasets you would like included in your STAR file:
Transplant / Follow Up Waiting List

Fax to: (804) 782-4994
Or mail to: UNOS Data Request
  Post Office Box 2484
  Richmond, VA 23218